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officials and business leaders share their thoughts with the graduating class of 2012. in a few moments, tuesday's pentagon briefing. in a half hour, a forum on how the media covers china. then a look at the national flood insurance program. and later, a small business administration discussion on the role of entrepreneurs. several live events to tell you about tomorrow morning. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon
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panetta, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, testified before the senate foreign relations committee on the relationship between the law of the sea convention and national security. that's here on c-span3 at 10:00 eastern. at 10:30 a.m. eastern, on our companion network c-span, the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee will hear from secret service director mark sullivan and acting homeland security security inspector general charles edwards about the incident in alcohol ba involving secret service agents and prostitutes. from 1971 to 1973, president richard nixon secretly recorded his phone conversations and meetings. this weekend on c-span radio, hear more of the nixon tapes. saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern with conversations between the president and cia director richard helms and also fbi
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director j. edgar hoofer. >> some people think that now that this court has acted that i ought to make a statement about the freedom of the press and that we are trying to censor them and so forth. my inclination, whatever it's worth, is not to say so. >> i think you're right. >> i kind of think i should stay out. what's your public relations judgment on it, id gar? i'd like to know. >> mr. president, is that you should remain absolutely silent about it. >> you would? >> i would. >> in washington, d.c., listen as 90.1 item. nationwide, we're on xm channel 119. streaming at a report by the senate armed services committee says more than 1 million suspected counterfeit parts are in the defense department supply chain. today's pentagon briefing included questions about how those counterfeit parts may affect the military's mission. this is a half hour.
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>> good afternoon and welcome back to the briefing room. last night, the secretary returned from the nato summit in chicago. he was pleased by the hospitality shown to him and other leaders by the city of chicago and enjoyed the opportunity to meet with his counterparts on nato capabilities, missile defense, and of course afghanistan. on that topic, it's clear the alliance and our nonnato partners are moving forward together with the afghan government to support the security and stability of afghanistan for years to come. with that i'd like to turn to another region of critical importance to the united states and our partners. next wednesday, secretary panetta will depart on a week-long trip to asia to participate in the shangri-la dialogues among other things. let me give you a schedule overview and say a few notes about each country. on wednesday before departing for asia he'll fly to honolulu.
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he'll receive briefings from admiral locklear and members stationed in hawaii. from hawaii he'll head to singapore. on saturday, secretary pa net a that will deliver remarks at the shangri-la dialogues. while in singapore he's scheduled to meet with leaders from singapore, japan, republican of korea, australia, and other nations. following our stay in singapore the secretary will travel to vietnam. the united states has a long-term commitment to advancing a strong bilateral defense relationship with vietnam that is based on mutual trust and understanding. this visit will afford us an opportunity to continue to work on that very important relationship. from there, the secretary will travel from hanoi to delhi for a two-day visit to india. further developing the u.s./india relationship is a priority for the united states government and our bilateral relationship is one of the defining partnerships for the 21st century for the united states. we'll have more details about the secretary's itinerary in the

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